Manicures & Hands Treatment

Designed For Both Men And Women

Manicure is a word more familiar to women than it is to men, but men are equally interested in manicures as women. Manicure is derived form Latin words manus meaning ‘hand’ and cura meaning ‘care’. Manicure is a luxurious  treatment for hands and nails, manicures have now successively become one of the many requirements of a today’s modern women. And they have realized it how important it is to take care of hands and make them look good.


UN Deluxe Manicure

To rejuvenate, and renew the skin, plus relaxes and muscles, and soothes joints, manicure beginning with a warm, citrus soak while nails are shaped and cuticles conditioned,  buff  and a warm cream hand massage,hot towel wraps and then a perfect color of your choice is applied.


UN European Manicure

Nothing makes you feel more rejuvenating than getting pampered in a full-hand treatment. Includes everything in  our Deluxe manicure,oils treatment, moisture masks and more to make your skin feel hydrated, soft and radiant. (Scents change seasonally)


UN Organic Manicure

Indulge yourself in our royal treatment. An organic manicure using all natural 100% Pure products. With this treatment you can not only enjoy a superb manicure but also take comfort in knowing that only natural and organic ingredients will be going onto your skin.the organic massage crème to relax, organic sugar scrub and organic mask to relieve stress , enjoy a sample of the signature touches  and  the delicate smells of the oils which result in a hydrating and indulgent in soft beautiful hands.


Upscale Signature Manicure

Our nail salon provides a Signature experience in our manicure. Upscale’s signature manicure includes Our Organic manicure,our seasonal scrub , finish by dip your hands in the paraffin wax for more moisture. Upscale Nails will help you enhance your nails and bring comfort to your mind, body, and soul. We use the best products for nails and we guarantee your satisfaction!


Color Gel Lacquer Manicure

Color Gel Lacquer is designed specifically for clients with natural nails. As with a standard polish, a nail filer and buffer will be used to gently prepare the nail before the lacquer is applied. A UV cure is used to harden the gel, leaving color and shine that lasts up to two weeks. For fabulous nails, you want these top brands and all of their fabulous gel nail polishes.Color Gel laquer is the number-one choice for many women.