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A monarch rests while on its trip. 61 At last, hundreds and hundreds of butterflies land in a winter home. Butterflies will not migrate back until it gets warm in the north. Then they head straight back north. On the way, females will lay eggs on milkweed plants. In the fall, they will replay their trip. Monarchs resting on a plant. Monarch butterflies on a tree in Mexico. 62 Monarchs escape cold places and fly south. Risks People think milkweed smells bad, and often they will cut plants down. Farmers mistake milkweed for a pest and chop plants down.

He did not want to sleep just yet. Kip liked to hear a wise man tell tales as he sat near a fire and watched the flames rise. This time, the tale was of the Sky Queen. She lived in a place miles up in the sky. From there, she hung stars and lit the moon. 44 The Sky Queen liked to place the sun near the horizon. She set it low, near land. As the sun rose, the sleeping tribe would wake up to it. And the gleaming sunset was like a prize at the end of each day. 45 That night Kip spent a lot of time thinking about the tale because he was thrilled by it.

Life seems happy up there,” he said. 51 “I made space for Kangaroo, so she can leap,” stated the Sky Queen. “Dog has wide land to run at top speed. ” The Sky Queen had made a lot of things. In the sky, Kip might reach a place where life was happy. But he might miss neat things made just for him. Kip looked at his land and was happy with what he had. 52 Comprehension Check Summarize Read “The Kingfisher’s Dream” 1OcaS 3TTSQb again. Fill in the Cause and Effect Chart. Then use it to summarize the story.

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