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By Lynn Plimley

This source is helping educators help scholars with autistic spectrum problems after they input secondary institution, together with educating social abilities, getting ready IEPs, and constructing paintings event.

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They often do not become a written record and sometimes they are not verbalized and disseminated at all. However, in teaching, the skills of observation and the data yielded are of critical importance to what we do and how we do it. Observation helps us to pinpoint needs, extend experiences and provide the building blocks for further learning. qxd 36 4/6/2006 9:06 AM Page 36 AUTISTIC SPECTRUM DISORDERS IN THE SECONDAR Y SCHOOL When obser ving the child with ASD, we can look at: Behavioural changes in a child How an individual interacts with dif ferent people How the envir onment and dif ferent personnel can af fect the child How behaviours can alter accor ding to the pr essur es of the circumstances There are many such instances where observation can build upon hunches we hold or help clarify what governs a child’s response.

When writing a social story for older children, involve them in the process. Decide together upon the behaviour that is causing problems and where it is most likely to occur. It may be necessary to involve other people in order to give consistency. It is important to ascertain that the perceptions of the story are fully understood by the pupil and that it contains small steps to ensure success. For some pupils it may be necessary to illustrate the story with drawings and photographs. The story will need to be used on a regular basis and monitored carefully to gauge whether it has brought about a change in behaviour.

After compiling r ecords for a week, Sarah found that her ‘hunch’ had been cor rect and she and the suppor t worker wer e able to devise a plan of action in or der to minimize the risk of Bea hur ting herself. The r ecord also pr oved invaluable to the consultant involved with Bea’s condition and to her par ents and family . REFLECTIVE OASIS Have you ever noticed something that you later found to be a fact? Is it impor tant to write down medical details; who would benefit from it? What ar e the consequences of not passing on this type of information?

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