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By Zheng Mianping

Since 1956 the writer has been making huge and particular investigations of saline lakes at the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. at the foundation of enormous quantities of trustworthy first-hand information and multidisciplinary research, the booklet offers with the temporal-spatial evolution of the plateau saline lakes and the clients for inorganic salts and natural assets and their exploitation and defense, in addition to the relationships among saline lakes and worldwide adjustments.
This publication is the 1st English monograph on saline lakes at the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau - the `Roof of the World'. in comparison with books approximately saline lakes in different components of the realm, this monograph is written in a multidisciplinary, entire and systematic manner. it can be utilized by graduate scholars, lecturers, researchers, box geologists and engineers as a reference booklet in study, educating, etc.

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B[4630m 4580 A Shijiang L. 4530 Figure. 5. Interbank lakes to the southeast of the Siling Co. I-Interbank lake; 2-Sand bank; J-Swamp; 4-Section line. 4. DISSOLVED SALT LAKES Lakes of this type are restricted to the plateau salt-domes areas and the Qaidam Basin. They formed from the redissolution of playa salt deposits. An example of such a lake is provided by Rierlama Lake in the Kunlun lake district. This lake was formed by accumulation of water in a local depression resulting from the uplift of Eogene salt domes and the subsequent dissoiution of the salt bodies.

From the Qaidam Basin south to the vast lake region on the plateau surface the Quaternary salt forming periods tend to be shorter and younger. 9 Ka. However, more recent borehole data obtained from the Zabuye Caka area in 1990 shows that the precipitation of ulexite started at this location at 23 Ka. 3). Periodic changes in climatic, hydrogeological and structural conditions in the saline lakes on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau led to corresponding periodicity in the deposition of saline and non-saline beds.

As a result of the differential movement of the Mesozoic mountain chains the fragmented blocks on the northern and northwestern margins of the Palaeozoic block subsided to form local lake basins. During renewed collision of the Indian and Eurasian plates in the Middle-Late Holocene, the fragmented blocks were further separated from their parent body to the north (the Alxa block) and that to the northwest (the Tarim block). ,lheo lilke basin in lhe -zone Figure. 6. ke basin Types of tectonic lake basins on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

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