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Nevertheless, CBT exposure was associated with greater improvement in anxiety, self-reported agoraphobia, agoraphobic cognitions and the frequency of panic attacks. Furthermore, participants in the CBT exposure condition achieved more tasks at the behavioural walk and experienced less peak anxiety during the 'walk' than participants in the habituation exposure condition. The individual with health anxiety Health anxiety (or hypochondriasis) involves extreme preoccupation with the possibility of having a severe physical illness.

In order to increase the element of self-exploration and discovery, Socratic questioning is preferred. That gives the service user the chance to make their observations and self-exploration and draw their own conclusions. Care is taken to check that the model fits the service user’s experience and that no attempt is made to make the user’s experiences fit the model. Service users might give emphasis to different aspects of the model and Socratic questioning enables us to ‘follow’ the service user’s understanding of the situation and their resources, rather than ‘lead’ them towards the directions we would like (Padesky, 1993).

He administered the questionnaire to friends and colleagues and discovered that most people would think that the person felt fatigued or tired or had forgotten something and had to go back and get it. In the case of fainting, most people would be concerned and try to help or ignore it if the person was already being helped. The results created doubt enough to motivate the service user to start going out. g.

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