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Algol 68 associates a priority between I and 9 with each of its standard binary operators, * and + having priorities 7 and 6 respectively. It also allows us to associate priorities with our own operators defined by an op declaration 'prio min = 9; op min= (int i,j) int: ((i < j I i I j))' 'min' now has priority 9, greater than that of+, so 'a min b + c' is the smaller of a and b added to c. In most implementations, an operator declared without a priority has the default priority 1, weakest of all.

We may then write 'maze [ ,0] :=maze [ ,n + 1] :=maze [0, ] ' to block the eastern and western boundary columns, but this will only work if the maze has the same number of rows and columns, a simplifying assumpUon that we henceforth make. 4 Write a do clause that constructs the transpose (rows and columns interchanged) of a 4 x 4 array. The greatest weakness of the program is that it gets stuck in any dead end, whereas one may find a way out by retracing one's steps and taking an alternative route.

ENTRANCE COORDS = I 3 3 EXIT COORDS = 3 2 MAZE SOLVED BY FOLLOWING THE PATH WWSSE When developing the program, additional information should be printed to help debugging, such as the coordinates of every move made and of the dead ends pruned. The special 'print' instructions can be removed when the program works correctly. ) TRAVERSING A MAZE: MULTIPLE VALUES 35 The algorithm should also be tested on data where there is no route out, on illegal data and on a maze where several dead ends are encountered before a path is found.

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