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By Mara L. Pratt

Stories of progressive occasions, together with the factors of the yank Revolution, the bold exploits of these protecting liberty, the early battles, the struggles of the military, and the heroes who led the colonists to victory. compatible for a while eight and up.

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Being a "lone" woman, she had heard nothing of the morning fray, and had as usual gone out to work upon her farm. As the British came fleeing back from Concord, Dame Batherick heard the guns and whistling balls. Pausing in her work and screening her eyes from the sun, she eagerly gazed across the fields towards the village. Nearer and nearer came the sound of battle; she saw the village blaze; she heard the shouts of the soldiers. " Seizing her musket she started forward. Just then a squad of red-coats broke through the bush full upon her sight.

In less than a minute a crowd had gathered. A roar of laughter went up at sight of the unhappy Tory, his eyes glaring with rage and fright, his face all lathered, one side cleanly shaven, the other all rough with his bristling beard. STREET SCENES Away ran the man, and after him ran the crowd, hooting and laughing, and shouting "A Tory! " The crowd followed him from shop to shop, until at last he found a barber who was himself a Tory, and who willingly rescued him from the mob and finished the shaving for the unfortunate man.

But there were no flames to be seen, nor was there any smell of smoke in the clear, frosty air; so that most of the townsmen went back to their own firesides. Others, who were younger and less prudent, remained in the streets. Later in the evening, not far from nine o'clock, several young men passed down King street, toward the custom-house. When they drew near the sentinel, he halted on his post, and took his musket from his shoulder, ready to present the bayonet at their breasts. " he cried in the gruff tone of a soldier's challenge.

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