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By Roy Douglas (auth.), Peter Hoffman, Renzo A. Piccinini, Denis Sjerve (eds.)

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X versus cohomology 3 [W], in 1947, p r o p o s e d a g e o m e t r i c i n t e r p r e t a t i o n which, however, was not g e n e r a l l y adopted - p r e s u m a b l y b e c a u s e it was not c o n v e n i e n t to use. 197i, who gave a simple geometric dism : The ele- , w h e r e a s the elements of r e p r e s e n t e d by m a p s of s u s p e n s i o n s of v e r s a l bundles. M ~ X QJx uJx It was D. Q u i l l e n interpretation [Q] then, in for complex cobor- of m a n i f o l d s ; he used it to p r o v e deep results in cobor- dism.

Ap- before whose image . • {(Xk,Ak) ~ set o f p a i r s A Xk kEA f (V 2 - X I N X 2) we used f' Let is r e p r e s e n t e d ~ a = 0 , then to s o m e (continuity). and , and arguments from inclusion) compact Suppose same . 13 Proposition der inverse If f(N) c V - X I) : W - V2 G ~ a = b Rp closed a d i r e c t e d (unkEA such that X k is loin compact, X k ; also, some X k ( o r all kEA). and every neighborevery neighborhood A k . Then 53 Proof. 12) (cf. to the d i a g o n a l some p r o p e r some Xkl there exists that with V - G(W) con- and U ~ k, kl,k 2 , h e n c e -I gk = ~W represents g : M - X g , and e are transverse.

E. the total space of the W h i t n e y - s u m E ~ T'X We shall not c a r r y out the d e t a i l s of this e q u i v a l e n c e , not n e e d e d here. a vec- . 10 Definition. nifolds where A continuous is o - s t r u c t u r e d T'X up to ( ~ : E ~ X) T'X w tured X ignore X ~ pt) , i,e. Rn x X ~ X (corresponding zero-section where E' . If f : Y ~ X hood f(Y) in If where along f : Y ~ X w f = ker(Tf the fibre". g. = map : E - B • we of X ~ R n) d(~ this of are struc- structuring structure is a v e c t o r b u n d l e : X ~ E) ~ d(~,:E '~ X) follows and V because , ~*(T'E) = is an o p e n n e i g h b o r - : Y ~ X) = d ( f fibre bundle X by structuring canonical : E ~ X is t h e mappings vector-bundle has : Y ~ V) then "bundle .

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