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His younger brother, Theodore, two years Barnwell's junior, did not enjoy such longevity. —the grandfather they never met—even better than they knew their exotic, Bohemian great-uncle Barnwell. Indeed, through dozens of oft-repeated, inspiring tales of selfless goodness, Teddy Roosevelt transformed Theodore Sr. into a near-mythic figure revered to this day by his many descendants. When Teddy Roosevelt and Teddy's two sisters and brother were growing up, Theodore Sr. was associated with the family firm of Roosevelt & Son.

Rank, of course, has always had its privileges, and there were no complaints about the officers' comforts. Problems arose, however, when Roosevelt invited "gentleman troopers" to dine with the officers. The western troopers protested, and Roosevelt's ill-considered invitation was quickly withdrawn. Still, those privates with money were welcome to buy all the food they wished from the officers' kitchen. 22 By the end of the Cuban campaign, a wiser and fairer Roosevelt (he was always a quick study) would spend his own money to see that all the Rough Riders had good food on their plates.

Archie was just 4 years old. Sister— the eldest—was 14. Ted was 11, Kermit 9, and Ethel 7. Their father— Theodore Roosevelt—was 39, trim and robust. He lay flat on the ground, squinting through his thick pince-nez glasses, taking practice with his rifle. His target was a life-size paper figure tacked to a tree, behind which was the beautiful blue of Oyster Bay. The children took turns peering over their father's shoulder, down the rifle barrel, and past it to the target and the Sound. They were eager riot to distract him, but they were also fascinated.

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