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By Robin L. Dennis (auth.), Sven-Erik Gryning, Francis A. Schiermeier (eds.)

Role of Atmospheric types in pollution coverage and AbatementStrategies: Multipollutant Modeling and coverage: Dressing the Emperor and averting fake Paradigms; R.L. Dennis. Meteorological features of Ozone Episodes in Southern Ontario: A Mesoscale version research; R.S. Tangirala.Integrated nearby Modeling: Meteorological Modeling in Sydney, Australia: Case learn of Smog occasion; P.J. Hurley, et al. Lake Breezes and Their effect on Groundlevel Ozone delivery over Southwestern Ontario and Southeastern Michigan; D.M.L. Sills, P.A.Taylor.Global and Longrange Transport: Sulfur Deposition in Asia: An overview of the current state of affairs and destiny situations; G.R.Carmichael, R.L. Arndt. the ecu lengthy variety Tracer scan (ETEX): initial evaluate of version Intercomparison workout; G.Archer, et al.New Developments: Mesoscale Modeling of Clouds and Aerosol debris; A.I. Flossmann.Accidental Releases: Validation of a mix of 2 versions for Longrange Tracer Simulations; J.Brandt, et al.Model review and Verification: pollution in Coastal towns; D.G. Steyn.Poster Session: Use of the UB/NMC version for the Simulation of the Lifecycle of Chernobyl Radioactive Cloud; M.Dacic, B. Telenta. seventy four extra articles. Index.

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Using modified values for the latter quantities, the simulation result for the air temperature (dashed line) approaches very closely the observation thus also leading to an improvement of the wind field prediction (no overprediction of the near ground wind speed). The slight increase of the upper air speed in this simulation is a consequence of minor modifications in the series of upper air so undings used to derive boundary conditions (see above). t ~ NOI ppb 50 + + + + 25 , - oOOerv. pred. 00.

0 43 Table 2. Predicted Maximum Ozone Concentration (ppb) for July 5-8, 1988, andJuly 16-20, 1991. Over SUPROXA Domain DAY BASE M2550 M2575 Juty 5 Juty6 Jut,. 7 Juty 8 221 218 15~ 2~8 171 162 189 236 18~ 15~ Jut) Juty Juty Jut,. Jut,. 167 269 235 202 182 125 193 173 t57 16 17 18 19 20 I~O M5025 M7525 182 178 2117 179 160 153 1116 122 132 132 1211 151 2111 177 125 I~II 1~7 15~ IH 15~ 131) I~~ 131) 111 129 Over Northeast Urban Area DAY BASE M25511 M2575 M51l25 M7525 Jut) Juty Juty Juty 162 218 115 114 236 18~ 15~ 168 178 198 179 131 \32 2~8 127 162 189 15~ 118 122 151 157 1116 111) 132 132 1211 151 1211 125 911 1111 111 129 5 6 7 8 Juty 16 Jut~ 17 Juty 18 Jut~ 19 Jut~' 20 1~9 188 2112 182 I~O 1~7 1~9 15~ 161 1~6 127 Table 3.

A eorrelation matrix was eomputed using ten years worth of data at each site, and then the footprint for thc ozone doud at a selected site is developed. Thc shape of the ozone cloud is more elliptical than circular as you note; the major axis of the ozane cloud is oriented along the southwest to northeast direction, refleeting the prevailing meteorology. The spatial coverage of ozone monitoring sites is not as dense as we would like. There are vcry few monitors at rural locations in thc eastern United Statcs.

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