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By Philippe Van Haute

Philippe Van Haute choices up the problem of explaining to us, line through line, the main tricky and interesting textual content of Lacan's Ecrits: "the subversion of the topic and the dialectic of hope within the Freudian unconscious." All that's required is to open Ecrits to p. 292 and stick to the lucid and pedagogical guideline supplied via Van Haute. He leaves no stone unturned. not just does Van Haute clarify why Lacan alludes to philosophers akin to Plato, Hegel, Spinoza, and Kierkegaard, yet he bargains us a superior schooling in linguistic idea and doesn't hesitate to exploit his personal scientific situations to explain additional any imprecise passage of "the subversion of the subject." He additionally strikes with striking mastery among all of Lacan's texts and offers coherence to Lacan's usually eleptic advancements.

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