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By Melita Stavrou (ed.), Arhonto Terzi (ed.)

This selection of unique learn specializes in a variety of lesser studied facets of Greek syntax. The articles mix a valid empirical insurance inside present advancements of generative concept and canopy a large spectrum of components. The syntax of sentential constitution is handled by means of articles, one is an intensive research of the distribution of aim and beneficiary dative DPs in Greek (and cross-linguistically) and the opposite addresses the relation agree in small clauses (and among adjectives and nouns). articles research the purchase of the left outer edge and of eventivity and one makes a speciality of the historic evolution of participles in Greek, out of which gerunds emerged. The syntax and semantics of wh-clauses in DP positions and of the non-volitional verb θelo are the focal point of 2 articles located within the syntax–semantics interface. The DP area is approached via theoretical articles, one on a Greek possessive adjective and one other on determiner heads. the ultimate contribution stories the purchase of the Greek sure article.

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Thus, the values of the gender and number features of the DP-subject and N may not agree, as in (19). Agreement and multiple case licensing (20) a. [vP v [FP DP-subject F [feminine] [singular] b. [vP v [FP DP-subject F [feminine] [plural] [DP N ] ]] [neuter] [singular] [DP N ] ]] [feminine] [singular] Now, if according to Chomsky’s analysis, both the DP-subject and F (which carries the features of N) are targeted by the v probe, the object phi-features of v will be valued by non-matching features.

Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. Zubizaretta, M. L. (1998). Prosody, Focus, and Word Order. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.  Determiner heads as arguments and the Pronominal Argument (macro)parameter* Phoevos Panagiotidis This chapter examines Jelinek’s Pronominal Argument Parameter and argues that it does not predict the existence of languages taking both affixal and phrasal arguments, such as Koranic Arabic, Basso Polesano as well as Greek, Romance and many others. It then proposes an analysis whereby in (at least) these languages all arguments are Determiner heads and their surface appearance is a result of the Determiner heads’ selectional properties.

We simply cite Cardinaletti’s example and structure, which implies that the subject-clitic is a head element and pro is its associate that occupies the EPP position. . A possible solution to this problem would be to follow Landau’s (2000) analysis of control in terms of Agree. His analysis would account for the control pattern in (27) as follows: the non-interpretable subject-agreement features of T will target both the DP-subject inside the vP and the null-subject of the adjunct clause, establishing two Agree operations and resulting in the sharing of features between the DP-subject and the PRO.

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