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ACUPUNCTURE: AN relief TO DIFFERENTIAL analysis supplies a entire traditional and acupuncture differential analysis, referenced through proposing situation and by way of acupuncture analysis. awarded in an obtainable layout, spiral certain and with a horizontal reduce on each one web page, it provides the practitioner and scholar entry to a convenient and conveyable reminiscence reduction to differential prognosis.

  • Presented in a small, moveable and quick-referenced form
  • Includes either western medication differential analysis and chinese language drugs differential diagnosis
  • Suitable for either scholars and practitioners of acupuncture
  • Attractive color design

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5. Nature of abdominal mass: fixed, substantial, painful (blood stagnation); comes and goes, changes location, moveable (qi stagnation); soft on palpation, no pain (phlegm). 6. Nature of distension: comes and goes, changes location (qi stagnation); soft on palpation, no pain (phlegm, qi, food stagnation); fluid retention (spleen qi deficiency). 7. e. external cold/external dampness invading). 8. Underlying patterns: blood deficiency; kidney yin and yang deficiency. 9. Zangfu patterns with masses: Qi masses Blood masses Stagnation of liver qi Retention of food in stomach Phlegm obstructing middle burner Blood stasis in stomach Liver blood stasis Blood stasis in the uterus Cold in the uterus 10.

Ii. Type 2: candida; tiredness with excessive thirst; frequent urination; hunger; blurred vision; slowhealing infections; obesity; impotence in men. indd 18 8/9/2008 6:17:53 PM Chinese Differentiation: Candida Diagnostic questioning according to: 1. Organ interrelationships: ke cycle relationship between water and earth (kidney and spleen) in which the spleen restrains or influences the kidney – consider relative strengths of each organ. 2. Candida and the triple burner: middle burner (an impaired spleen leads to dampness and phlegm which can throw intestinal flora off balance); lower burner (damp and/or phlegm and an imbalance in intestinal flora can lead to diarrhoea and/or constipation, damp heat can accumulate in the lower burner leading to genital discharge and itching); upper burner (infection can spread to the upper burner causing burning of throat and mouth, mouth lesions, altered taste).

Indd 8 8/9/2008 6:17:50 PM Chinese Differentiation: Anorexia nervosa and bulimia Diagnostic questioning according to: 1. Organ interrelationships: stomach and spleen (internal/external); liver and stomach (ke cycle); liver and heart (sheng cycle); liver and pericardium (jueyin); stomach and heart (internal channel pathway); shaoyang syndrome. 2. Qi, blood and body fluids: deficiency/stagnation of qi ; stasis, heat, blood loss; deficiency of fluids; phlegm/damp stagnation; food stagnation. 3. Emotions and organs: anger and striving for control stagnate liver qi ; worry/obsessive overthinking binds qi, affects spleen; sorrow (sadness/grief) disperses qi, can cause stagnation in chest.

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