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By Jaideva Singh, Paul Muller-Ortega

This can be a lengthy observation on a quick Tantra. essentially the most authoritative and honored texts in Kashmir Shaivism, it offers with the character of final truth and with tools of consciousness targeting the speculation and perform of Mantra. Abhinavagupta offers his metaphysics of language, of the area (Vak), and its relation to recognition. He calls it 'the educating of the key of the Trika doctrine.'

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Visuvat in a general sense means middlemost, central. In a specialized or technical sense, it means equinox—a point where day and night become equal. The idea common in both cases is a central point where two forces become equal. Harjisa prdna means harfisa-rupi prana. 'Ham' is a Abhinavagupta 29 symbolic word for the utterance indicated by prdna (exhalation) and ‘sah* is a symbolic word for the utterance indicated by apdna (inhalation) breath. So ‘harjisaprdna-iunya-uisuvat’ means th a t central point where both prdna and apdna are equally balanced, the middle-most point where there is neither prdna nor apdna {harjisapranddtiunyavisuoat), the zero point interm ediate between prdna and apdna.

E. e. e. functions in various ways (carati). This khecari in her universal aspect functions {carati) in three ways. , (as bhdcari) exists in the form of objective existents. e. , or subjective existents as pleasure etc. e. anuttara. Thus th at Sakti of the Supreme Lord is only one. ” Consequently she (ikhecari) is indicated in feminine gender. I t would not be proper to have a fixed, regular order or sepa­ rateness between khecari iakti whose sphere is the self, gocari whose sphere is the antahkarana or mind, dikcari whose sphere is the senses and bhUcari whose sphere is external objects, because in th at case an intim ate connexion between them would not be possible, and also because as completely separate from khecari, they would not appear at all (merely through the activity o f the senses).

So it is beyond time. e. beyond tem poral concept. 20. Trikasarasastra is not available now. 21. e. knowledge without subjectobject relation. Each o f these four has four states viz. sff(iysthiti, sarjihdra and andkhya. Thus altogether, they m ake up sixteen. T ext From tata idrk on p. 11,1. 16. ) (‘Kathaiji’ may be taken in the sense of an Instrum ental Case— tritiydrtha. Then its meaning will be like the following:) 1. In w hat way (kena prakarena) is such anuttara to be realized: by abandoning the uttara or the world or otherwise?

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