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Let us begin by finding out what people living at the time of the New Deal thought about him. ' Yes, you remembered me. ' A cartoon of 1 933 � ' . \% ( . , ; '�·· { ' Americans felt strongly about Roosevelt . They either loved him or they hated him, as these sources show . A. This j oke about the New Deal appeared on the back of a businessman's calling card : 'Four thousand years ago Moses said to his people : "Pick up your shovels, mount your asses, load your camels, and ride to the promised land" .

Between 1935 and 1 937 Congress passed a series of neutrality laws to keep America out of wars overseas . They stated that Americans must not trade with or give financial help to any country at war. The Cash and Carry Plan In September 1 939 the Second World War began . In Europe, Britain and France got ready to fight Germany . Roosevelt feared that if Germany defeated France and Britain, then other countries , including America, might come under attack. He therefore asked Congress to change the neutrality laws so that America could give help to Britain and France .

The elections for Congress in 1938 L. America and the Second World War 1 . American neutrality 2 . How American neutrality came to an end a) The Cash and Carry Plan b) The Lend- Lease Act c) The Atlantic Charter d) Pearl Harbour 3 . The effects of the war on America 4. The Yalta Conference Revision exercise What is your opinion of the New Deal? Was it a success or a failure? Try doing this exercise to help you make up your mind . In column A there are six opinions about various aspects of the New Deal .

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