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By John Dickson

A Doubter’s consultant to the Bible is a concise account of the full biblical narrative and the life-style it evokes, representing a different and fascinating framework for these watching Christianity from the surface, in particular those that imagine there are strong purposes to not believe.

In this e-book, Dickson presents a readable and winsome Bible primer summarizing the most issues in scripture, and addresses difficult questions equivalent to “How do we learn the construction account in Genesis in gentle of contemporary technological know-how? “ and, “how will we strategy outdated testomony legislation whilst apparently inconsistent and irrelevant?”

By proposing the complete of the Bible as an account of God’s promise to revive humanity to Himself, and humanity to each other and to construction, Dickson permits believers and skeptics alike to achieve perception into why the Bible has been a compelling, life-changing, and magnetic strength in the course of the a long time.

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This is perhaps clearest in Paul. It is well known that in the content of his moral exhortations Paul is jackdaw-like — choosing whatever appeals to him, from (so it seems) Jesus' stress on the paramountcy of love, through traditional baptismal catechesis, to standard Jewish allergies or the moralizing platitudes of Hellenism. But on a deeper level, Paul's ethics are an integral part of his theology, for, as he sees it, the fundamental imperative of right living flows from the indicative; indeed, is the indicative becoming dynamic in human freedom.

69 I consider Gustafson's approach to be probably the most honest and most circumspect of them all. Perhaps my own recommendation would differ from his only in worrying less about questions of authority and methodology and in being less concerned to find some (however qualified) normative use of the Bible in the consideration of contemporary ethical issues. Was Gustafson prompted to bring together the Bible and the Cambodian invasion (pp. ) by the prior assumption that the former must have something authoritative to say about the latter?

78 It will not feel obliged to 31 Tom Deidun come up with a 'biblical' explanation of Auschwitz, or with a 'biblical' verdict on Cambodia. It might decide that 'the Bible' has nothing directly relevant to say about AIDS, and nothing beyond the broadest generalities to bring to certain huge areas of contemporary Christian ethical debate. This is not to say, however, that such a 'non-method' will not be able to make solid contributions to Christian ethics, nor that, for all its lightness of touch, it will be less concerned with the serious business of praxis than other approaches which give the impression of being more earnest.

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