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By Heather Adamson

This e-book follows a doctor in the course of the paintings day, and describes the profession and what the activity calls for.

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Unfortunately, there is accumulating evidence that many of these courses are primarily still promulgating ideas rooted in structured and modular programming, with a few notions of objects appended as an apparent afterthought. There is an important debate within the object oriented (OO) educational community regarding the point in the curriculum where objects are first introduced: first, early or late. This debate presumes that a hybrid language such as Java, C++ or Ada 95 is being used; a pure OO language such as Smalltalk precludes the debate and ensures an ‘object first’ approach is employed.

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act (SENDA 2001) indicates that meeting the needs of disabled students can no longer be seen as an optional extra but should now be a core activity for all HE and FE providers. The legislation requires all HE institutions to be proactive rather than reactive in addressing the needs of disabled students, and managers and staff are being tasked with providing inclusive facilities for learning. Departments must therefore see how curricula can be adapted to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

For students whose programming education is incidental to the nature of their award this may not be a problem. They are being introduced to programming as a non-engineering discipline and the artefacts they produce are intended to be non-complex, used only by a small number of people and limited in their application and life cycle. For students to whom programming is central to their degrees the engineering requirement of scalability should be stressed from the outset. However, in many institutions a GUI early approach has been adopted, employing either a monolithic single-complement design or hiding the true complexity within a non-standard toolkit (Koffman and Wolz 2001).

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