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By Russell Blackford, Udo Schuklenk

50 Voices of Disbelief: Why we're Atheists presents a set of unique essays drawn from a world team of in demand voices within the fields of academia, technological know-how, literature, media and politics who provide rigorously thought of statements of why they're atheists. * encompasses a actually foreign solid of members, starting from public intellectuals akin to Peter Singer, Susan Blackmore, and A.C. Grayling, novelists, corresponding to Joe Haldeman, and heavyweight philosophers of faith, together with Graham Oppy and Michael Tooley * Contributions variety from rigorous philosophical arguments to hugely own, even whimsical, bills of the way each one of those outstanding thinkers have come to reject faith of their lives * prone to have huge attraction given the present public fascination with spiritual matters and the reception of such books as The God Delusion and The finish of Faith

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Of course, we all take things on trust, believing that someone somewhere has good grounds for accepting them as true and that these good grounds are compelling. This means that the grounds are intelligible, accessible to reason and to investigation by anyone, and that we would, in principle, be able to access and understand them and find them convincing. The good reasons for beliefs are all particular and would speak to the compelling intellectual grounds for the belief and the combination of evidence and argument which makes those grounds compelling.

But I sometimes cannot help wondering whether my rejection of the arguments for theism is as much the product of a prior commitment to atheism as to an intellectual insight into their faults. F. H. ”4 I don’t believe that the reasons above which I have advanced for atheism are bad, but I do suspect that they support what I anyway believe on instinct. com/poem/ daisy-2/. html. uk/ environment/2008/may/04/wildlife. 4 F. H. Bradley, Appearance and Reality (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1968), p. x. Ophelia Benson A Deal-Breaker One compelling reason not to believe the standard-issue God exists is the conspicuous fact that no one knows anything at all about it.

The world would be a better place with neither the shooting nor the compassion. Further, the evil that wrongdoers create often harms not themselves but the innocent. A thug shoots the cashier and makes off with money; a petro-chemical company maximizing its profits contaminates a lake and deprives the local fishermen of their living. In short, the victims of the misuse of free will are often innocent. It is anyway clear that a great deal of evil has nothing to do with humans misusing their free will.

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