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In the past, family members have often been excluded from being present during the attempted resuscitation of a child or other relative. 58 – 69 One theoretical concern is the potential for family members to become disruptive, interfere with resuscitative procedures, or develop syncope, and another is the possibility of increased exposure to legal liability; however, these are not reported in the literature. 60,71–79 In the absence of data documenting harm and in light of data suggesting that it may be helpful, offering select family members the opportunity to be present during a resuscitation is reasonable and desirable (assuming that the patient, if an adult, has not raised a prior objection) (Class IIa, LOE C for adults and Class I, LOE B for pediatric patients).

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2009;53:777–784. e773. Tinsley C, Hill JB, Shah J, Zimmerman G, Wilson M, Freier K, Abd-Allah S, Tinsley C, Hill JB, Shah J, Zimmerman G, Wilson M, Freier K, Abd-Allah S. Experience of families during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a pediatric intensive care unit. Pediatrics. 2008;122: e799 – e804. Mangurten J, Scott SH, Guzzetta CE, Clark AP, Vinson L, Sperry J, Hicks B, Voelmeck W. Effects of family presence during resuscitation and invasive procedures in a pediatric emergency department. Journal of Emergency Nursing.

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